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Ichthyalassophobia, Part One

Why yes, I made it up.

It is a combination of “ichthyophobia,” the fear of fish, and “thalassophobia,” the fear of the sea. I have a fear of deep water sea fish and (what is strange to me) there is no official phobia name for this common fear! There could be no better example of under representation in society! Thus, as someone who is personally affected, I feel obligated to create some sort of title, a name, a declaration, a something, AN ANYTHING to represent those among us who share this phobia.

Ichthyalassophobian? Check it.

Still scary despite cartoonish appearance.

Still slightly terrifying despite cartoonish appearance… I felt that I had to include some sort of sea themed picture despite my irrational and overwhelming impulse to hide and cry from this colorful collage of danger.

I’m not sure as to when I started fearing these deep sea critters. I never felt this compulsive urge to scream and protect myself before. It was like I was in a dream state… Until one day I woke up and realized “holy shit giant squid are fucking scary.”

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