One day, two friends realized how analytical and critical they were about the corrupted, thoughtless world. Thus, they decided to make a blog about everything they think about!

Cynical Bats has a curious, yet simple etymology. “Cynical” came from a common debate amongst the two. Prior to the creation of Cynical Bats, the two friends used to have very positive and optimistic outlooks on people. However, with time the two realized how ignorant and corrupt society was and had become. The two friends wondered: was it awareness that made them see these negative perspectives, or was it cynicism? “Bat” comes from a sleepover-awake-at-4-am-and-already-quite-hung-over-by-lack-of-rest conversation, where the feminist of the authors declared that “[this incredibly attractive yet extremely judgmental and frightening classmate] is such a bat! Oh… I meant to say brat but I thought of bitch and it came out as bat.”

What is the purpose of Cynical Bats? It is a public diary between two friends. The content is never predictable, and it may not even be interesting. Everything here is all in good fun and freedom.


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