“The Gender Predictor” Quiz Results

… Last time I checked, I was NOT a man… I can like math and not cry to movies WITHOUT A PENIS.

“You Are a Man”
Like most men, you don’t cry easily, and you don’t think crying serves any real purpose.You rather talk about what you think than what you feel. You are all about the facts.And speaking of facts, you can’t get enough of them. You strongly prefer non fiction to fiction.You are probably a bit of a gearhead too. You are interested in how things work, and you are up on the latest technology.

Allow me to make a more accurate man predicting quiz:

1. Do you have a dick (physically)? (Yes or No).

If “Yes”: congrats, you’re a dude!

If “No”: congrats, you’re not a dude!

For clarity, I created an man predicting quiz rather than a gender predicting quiz. Of course, we could start an ethical discussion on those of multiple genders or those who were born into the wrong bodies. We could also discuss “how come you didn’t make a woman’s quiz we thought you respected equality among all people”… But here, I simply intend to share the silliness of a quiz. Blogthings has assumed that all men do not like romantic comedies.

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2 thoughts on ““The Gender Predictor” Quiz Results

  1. madisonmny says:

    I don’t understand how this quiz is scored… I said I cry during movies, and it still told me I am a man…. how dumb.

    • Isabella says:

      June 18, 2013

      It gives 7 questions with either a man or woman response. Thus, the most middle ground you can have is a 3:4 ratio of one or the other, which still creates a majority and thus “predicts” your gender.

      I think these are the man-oriented answers.

      Do you cry during movies?

      Do you like to watch dance performances?

      Would you prefer to go out with someone who is better looking than you?

      Would you rather take a math class or an art class?
      Math class

      Do you prefer quality engineering or quality design?
      Quality engineering

      Do you like romantic comedies?

      Would you rather read a history book or a mystery novel?
      History book

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